About me

I am in no particular order an artist, writer, mother, obsessive reader, daydreamer, pudding- lover, and crafty type. These days art-wise I am enjoying creating collage and doing art journalling, which weds three of my passions – paint, words and cutting up things with scissors. My book The Passionate Life – Creativity, Connection and Community has been a long time in coming. After eight years in the Cowichan Valley surrounded by creative, resourceful and joyous women I mentioned to my sister last February that I wanted to write a book about all the amazing women I knew living in my community. She gave me one of those wry, stock-taking, eyes narrowed looks that only a sister can give and said “Yeah, you’ve been saying that for a while now.” Zing! Thanks for the aha moment sis! I went home that weekend and started the book, which was completed just before Christmas of 2011. Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants, especially by one who knows that without that kick somebody would daydream about doing whatever the thing was for another eight years or so.


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