The Passionate Women Cake Eating Party

In December my book was ready to reveal the world. I had worked out the final kinks after several trial printings and was finally happy with the result. I contacted all of the fabulous women who had made the book possible and asked them if they would be interested in coming to my favorite coffee shop – (and home away from home of passionate woman Jenn De Valk) – Moziro, to celebrate the book’s completion by drinking frothy drinks and eating cake. The gorgeous, delicious, and oh-so-chocolatey cake was made by the talented Gerald Billings, of Merridale Ciderworks. Jenn’s husband Jake was our cheerful barista. The women came, talked, laughed, made connections they didn’t know they had, and ate cake. They signed each others books like teenagers on the last day of school. I can’t express how happy I am to know them all. Some were friends when I started the book in February of last year, and some were strangers. Seeing them laughing and talking together, books in hand, with flowers and cake on the table, was a big moment for me. The few who couldn’t make it were missed. Thank you all, Passionate Women!


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